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Over the last few years, women have been prioritizing comfort and demanding more from their bras. Lucky for you, Secret Lane has discovered a secret of their very own for a bra that goes beyond the basics and brings a new level of comfort, support and fit.

We understand you may not buy into the hype, but this bra has not only gone viral but also sold out TWICE! Want to hear more? Below are our top reasons the Bare Bralette should be on your radar!

1. Bring it all in & smooth is all out 

If it’s not digging in your shoulders, it’s cutting into your back. If not that, then your boobs are spilling over. These are the trials and tribulations of being a bra-wearing woman. But enough is enough, ladies! The Bare Bralette is made with laser-cut seamless fabric, widened and extended in all the right places to stretch, compress and smooth.

Sound too good to be true, but still curious to find out? Secret Lane boasts a generous 30 day trial and hassle-free return or sizing exchange. What’s there to really lose in this case?

2. Straighten up and stand tall.

Does your bra improve your posture? Did you even know that was possible? Well Secret Lane believes in supporting not just your girls, but your spine and shoulders as well. Forming an X across your back, the design may seem more for fashion, but let us tell you, it is definitely for function too. The said function: By pulling shoulders back, the Bare Bralette improves posture. And the straighter your posture, the perkier your cleavage will appear. That, our friends, is a win-win in our book!

3. Ditch the underwire. Comfortable cleavage awaits. 

Perk up the girls, but throw out those relic underwire bras. The bra industry has seen a recent shift with the game-changing molded cups for more natural-feeling support and less restrictive coverage. With an ultra flexible and lightweight design, the Bare Bralette conforms to your body for a cozy, loungewear fit you’ll actually enjoy wearing.


Ladies are searching for comfort and support and Secret Lane has delivered . Check this out…


I'm a 40C. I do want to say that I do like this product because it's a big relief on my back!!! It's holding my bust in place… I will be ordering another set because I don't want to go back to my regular strap and wire bras...😊

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   C.P.

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