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Why This Viral Bra Should Be on Top of Your List... Like Now!

Push-up, wireless, balconette, sports, and countless other types of bras. The goal? Always to meet the need of ones’ preference. And depending on the outfit, some bras just don’t work with it or aren’t comfy in general. That’s why I rely on bralettes mostly now, easier to wear and (much) more comfortable. But I’ve been searching and searching all over the internet for something that meets my standards and doesn’t make me compromise my support, but I just thought I'd never find it... until now!

During one of my endless scrolling sessions, I stumbled across a video on Facebook and this bralette immediately captured my eyes. It was exactly what I was looking for and didn’t know it was possible to incorporate all my needs into one bralette. So I knew I definitely had to try it.

As I quickly opened the package, the very first thing I noticed was the soft, buttery texture of the bralette. I had high hopes. The moment I slipped the bralette on, I couldn’t feel a thing. The lightweight design and breathable coverage totally served its purpose and it’s absolutely perfect for when I want to lounge around or even after a long workday, and with the incredibly hot weather we're having this summer, moisture-wicking fabric is an absolute must. Not only did I love the seamless design, this bralette gave me the right amount of push-up for my liking and with NO wires! 

I know I’m maybe now rambling on a bit too much, but there's one more thing. What completely sold me was the X-back design that helps pull back my shoulders for better posture. As someone who is always on the computer (hello hunched shoulders!) this was a surprising bonus I never knew I needed. So here's the secret... The Secret Lane Bare Bralette. It is a game changer and every woman needs one!

If you're feeling like you're missing something in your intimate collection as well, don’t look further, because Secret Lane’s Bare Bralette is everything you ever needed. Sliding on effortlessly, this lightweight bralette provides support, a subtle push-up lift as well as pulling back shoulders for better posture. 

P.S: They are having a 50% Semi-Annual Sale right now and the Bare Bralette is only $29.99 so I will be stocking up, and you most definitely should too!