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3 Reasons to switch to seamless, wire-free bras

And why this one in particular is our fave!

Pushups, strapless and bralettes. Oh my! The search for the perfect bra is endless. On behalf of your shoulders, posture and (let’s be real, ladies) back fat, let me be the first to advocate for the ultimate cozy bra: Secret Lane’s Bare Bralette! From unbelievably soft fabric, an adjustable fit and incredible support, wearing a bra all day has never been less of a hassle!

1. Same support, 

More comfort

Reasonably so, the thought of eliminating traditional features of bras may bring about a skeptical questioning of support… or perhaps lack thereof. Because underwires and seams are what logically hold everything up and in place, right? The Secret Lane Bare Bralette proves this theory to be incorrect, providing you the same level of support and coverage with even greater comfort sans pesky poking underwire and itchy seams! 

2. Secret Lane is it's name, 

Discreet wear is it's game

Sometimes more does the trick... and actually creates the illusion of less. With a widened and expanded design, the Bare Bralette reduces the appearance of bra lines around the band, digging straps on your shoulders and unappealing boob spillage. Free from seams and underwire, the laser-cut ice silk fabric gives you a much smoother fit for a less bulky look. 

3. A bra that does it all, 

Even improve habits

Does your bra give you a confidence boost bigger than cleavage? With better posture, standing taller and straighter will both look and feel good. Secret Lane has integrated posture-improving benefits into the Bare Bralette design with a racerback cutout to pull shoulders back and down. 

Ladies, we've all been on the search for the perfect blend of comfort and support. Secret Lane has delivered. 

Check this out…


I'm a 40C. I do want to say that I do like this product because it's a big relief on my back!!! It's holding my bust in place… I will be ordering another set because I don't want to go back to my regular strap and wire bras...😊

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   C.P.

Curious about trying the ultra-comfy Bare Bralette for yourself? 

Secret Lane offers an amazingly generous 30 day guarantee for hassle-free returns and exchanges. Even better, they’re currently offering 50% off so your wallet can feel as good as you’re sure to look!

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