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It’s Bare Bralette

Change the way you wear your bra with our exclusive Bare Bralette. Our new and improved support technology takes your bra from BASIC to ESSENTIAL. Its unique contouring lines hug you closely whilst remaining lightweight and breathable. Our bralette features an easy use front opening giving a secure, yet comfortable hold. With this type of support, you can wear for any type of activity – from daily life to low level impact sports.

So soft it’s like a

second skin

Bare Bralette features a new cotton like hi-stretch material with zero seams, creating the feeling of a seamless second skin. Removable 3D soft pads give a gentle uplifting boost that moulds to your figure giving you maximum support and comfort. Our shapewear experts have created this lightweight bralette for women who want reassuring and robust support ultimate comfort.

No Seams

A stylish fit that remains invisible under clothing.

No Wires

Embrace your comfort with this non-wired design.

Just Bare Bralette

Become acquainted to the new you.

Get that invisible hold with Bare Bralette

Our unique cross-over style straps gently wrap around you for a secure and confident fit. Our seamless and hi-stretch fabric creates a slender profile giving you the confidence to wear whatever you like on top without anyone knowing what’s underneath.

When you feel good, you look good.

“I didn’t think I could wear bralettes with my larger chest but this has been my go to bra since I bought it!”

“Literally feels like I’m wearing nothing!”

“I’ve been wearing mine for the gym – it’s that good!”

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